Construtora de atrações turísticas

Esta caixa de diálogo é dividida em quatro seções:
· acima à esquerda está uma lista de seleção de edifícios disponíveis
· bottom left is shown a picture of the chosen building
· top right some options may be set
· bottom right is information about the chosen city building given

Lista de seleção

In the selection list are given all special buildings and landmarks that are available with the options specified top right (City attractions, Land attractions, Monumentos). There are two tabs that will allow you to change how the attraction buildings are identified.
· Translation: Shows the name of the building in the given language. If there is no translation available in the given language, the object name will be used.
· Object: Shows the Simutrans internal object name for the building type.

The color of the text has the following meaning:
· texto em azul a atração tem que ser construída nas cidades
· texto em verde a atração tem que ser construída nas zonas rurais
· texto em preto monumentos: podem ser construídos uma vez.


· Ignorar climas: This option deactivates the climate restrictions associated with various building types.
· Usar linha do tempo: The selection list will only contain buildings that are available the current Simutrans year.
· Show obsolete too: Expand the selection list to also contain buildings that are obsolete the current Simutrans year.
· City attraction: There will be city attractions in the selection list.
· Land attraction: There will be land attractions in the selection list.
· Monumentos: There will be monuments in the selection list.
· Rotation: If the chosen building can be shown from different angles, then it is possible to chose a specific view of it here. The image bottom left will change to reflect this. If this option is set to random a random view of the building will be used.