Vehicle List Filter

Vehicle List Filter has options to determine which Convoys, are shown in Vehicle List.

Click on Settings in Vehicle List to open Vehicle List Filter.

Option-buttons select Convoys to be listed in Vehicle List when filter option is enabled. Only Convoys that fit all criteria set, are listed.

Click on a square-button to set criteria for filter (button is indented when selected):

Filter names: selects Convoy by name. To use: click on button to select, then click on name-box and type required name exactly (option is case sensitive).

Filter types: will list Convoys by type of transport if selected. To use: click on button to select, then click on transport type(s): road, rail, water and air.

Special filter: selects Convoys to list by following criteria (click on button to select, then click on):
- no route - cannot find a path to next destination.
- no schedule - not assigned a route.
- no income - not generating profit.
- in a depot - those in a depot.
- no line - not assigned a Line.

Filter goods: selects Convoys by ability to transport different goods & passengers. Click on button next to name to select item(s). Use slider-bar to scroll item(s) in list. Options include:
- all selects all items.
- none no items are selected.
- inv. inverses current selection of items.