Rules and guidance for players

This page describes the rules and guidance for players on the Bridgewater-Brunel Simutrans-Extended server. The rules are compulsory: violation may lead to sanctions (entirely at the server administrator's discretion), including banning from the server, although minor or non-deliberate breaches of rules may result in warnings first.

The guidance is non-compulsory, and no sanction will attach to not following it, although it is recommended for a good gameplay experience.

Please note that this server is run as a non-commercial hobby: no contractual relations are intended. The provision of this service is entirely at the discretion of the server administrator. The server and its administrator are located in the jurisdication of England and Wales.


  1. Each player may play only one company at once, unless the player has the server administrator's explicit permission in writing in a public section of the International Simutrans Forum to play more than one company at once.
  2. A player whose company has been liquidated or taken over may start a new company - but only after the previous company has entered liquidation or has been taken over.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, a player may not start a new company when a company previously started by that same player is still in existence, even if it is in administration.
  4. A player may start a new company when a company played by that player is in liquidation (not administration) providing that that player does not use the new company to take over the old company in liquidation.
  5. Players may not act maliciously: any action intended solely or principally to harm other players or the gameplay experience is not permitted. Legitimate commercial competition between companies is permitted.
  6. Players must be polite and respectful to others in the course of using the server, including the in-game chat facility.
  7. Commercial advertising on the server or unsolicited off-topic use of the chat facility (other than for ordinary social pleasantaries) is not permitted.
  8. Players must not engage in any unlawful activity in the course of using the server.
  9. Players must not impersonate the server administrator, or, without permission of the server administrator, use a personal or company name (e.g. "Board of Trade") that implies that the player has the authority of the server administrator.


  1. Please try to choose an era realistic company name. A short list of examples of realistic company names is given here.
  2. Please give other players fair warning before withdrawing access to your ways.
  3. Please do not cause unnecessary traffic congestion or blockages in towns.
  4. Please check the chat window regularly to see whether there are any new messages from other players. Press "o" to access the chat window.
  5. Please do not criticise other players for engaging in legitimate commercial competition with your company. Players are not entitled to monopolies on the Bridgewater-Brunel server.
  6. Multiple players may co-operate to run a single company if they choose.
  7. Although the passwords on the server are encrypted, the security of passwords cannot be guaranteed. Please do not use a password that is also used for any security critical purpose, such as banking, online retailing or social media.